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Top Qualities That Make German Shepherds Good Police Dogs

Top Qualities That Make German Shepherds Good Police Dogs

One of the most popular breeds of dogs today is the German Shepherd. German Shepherd dogs are tall and beautiful dogs that have been around for quite some time compared to other popular dog breeds. These dogs are usually known for accompanying police in various law enforcement tasks. Why do most policemen train German Shepherds? This is because they have good qualities that make them good police dogs.


German Shepherds are among the smartest dog breeds out there. Because they are smart, they could be trained very well. The very first German Shepherd dog, Hektor Linksrhein, showed a high level of intelligence. That is why he caught the attention of Captain Max von Stephanitz, the man who standardized the German Shepherd breed.

Good temperament

Aside from beign smart, another attribute that makes German Shepherd dogs good police dogs is that they have a good temperament. They have a trainable attitude and that is why they learn very well. Since they have a good temperament, German Shepherds are also kept as pets and some are even tasked to guard babies.


German Shepherds are known for their physical strength. They could viciously attack anyone who tries to break the law. There are German Shepherd dogs that are trained not to let go of the criminals that they have bitten. Technically speaking, these dogs can really kill people by biting them bits by bits.


When it comes to loyalty, no other animal could be very as loyal as the dog. That is why the dog is man’s best friend. But the loyalty of dogs varies from breed to breed. German Shepherd dogs are among the most loyal breed. That is why police officers who become partners with dogs do not have a hard time getting attached to these awesome creatures.

Good at sniffing

German Shepherd dogs are also very good at sniffing. They are usually part of patrol officers who go about seeking criminals who might be carrying drugs or bombs. Since these dogs are good at sniffing, they could also aid police offers track down fugitives. Most fugitives do not stand a chance when being pursued by German Shepherds. These dogs could also aid the police when in search for dead bodies.

German Shepherd dogs are definitely good police dogs. These qualities mentioned are also the same reasons why German Shepherd dogs are used by security personnel.  Most security companies today train dogs so that security guards could be assisted in their security tasks.

Written by Camden Leoon